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T By Lakemint. Glass Tea and Fruit Infuser Bottle

£ 18.99
  • Keep Your Hot Drinks Hot And Your Cold Drinks Cold For Hours. Infuse With The Basket To Add Flavour
  • 2 Layer, Insulated Glass Walls. Use At Home, In The Car, At Work
  • No Plastic Bottle Taste, Just Pure Flavour. Beautifully Designed, Handmade Bamboo Lid
  • Use For Teas, Coffees, Water And Fruit Infused Drinks
  • Eco Friendly, Non Spill, No Leak, BPA Free. 450ml Bottle
  • New European Bottles Includes Neoprene Sleeve, New Crystal Bottom and Stainless Steel Inner Core Cap (only shipped throughout Europe currently)


Tea (& Coffee) Drinkers Get Excited! 

Lakemint brings you the perfect Glass Bottle with Infuser for all your hot and cold drinks, we simply call it T 

Your hand made bottle has been designed with 2 super thick glass walls, which insulate your drinks, keeping the temperature for hours, to enjoy when you're ready 

To use your T Bottle simply use the handle to remove the infuser basket. Unscrew the lid, add your tea and replace the lid. Using the handle push your infuser back in until you hear a click. Remove the basket when the desired strength has been reached or simply drink with it in. 

To Use as infuser simply remove the Strainer/Infuser lid, add your fruit/herbs/vegetables to the bottle, fill with water and click the infuser lid back into place

To keep your bottle looking fantastic it must be hand washed 

At Lakemint we are passionate about quality and also our environment. Our T bottle will not only improve the taste of your drinks, you are looking after the planet at the same time. Did you know plastic bottles will taint your drinks? 

Our T bottle is fitted with a rubber seal to prevent any leaks or spills, so you can travel safely with it in your cup holder or bag 

At the office here I use the T bottle to travel to work with a morning tea, then refill with some ice cold water and fruit to sit at on my desk. For the journey home I fill up with a strong coffee. At refill again with water to have on my bedside table, trust me it won't leave your side! 

We don't use any old material either, the food grade 304 Stainless Steel fine mesh strainer and infuser basket come in two pieces for more versatility 

We stand by our products at Lakemint and will offer full money back if you are not satisfied.

Our demo video below shows you more about our T bottle

 **Available to ship throughout Europe **

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