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New Product Launch! Hairband Bracelet

New Product Launch!!

Welcome to Lakemint. We are so excited to launch our newest product, Styled by Lakemint Hairband Bracelet.

At Lakemint we have designed a beautiful piece of jewellery that is elegant and functional. Most ladies with longer hair tend to keep a hairband on their wrist, have you noticed or are you one? I am one.

Sometimes these plain bands don't quite give you the look your after. With the Hairband Bracelet you can pop your hairband on and in seconds you have a new look. Swap colour hairbands to match your outfits, tie your hair back when needed and you still have a beautiful bracelet.


We have made the bracelets in silver and rose gold from high quality, extremely druable stainless steel.

They come beautifully presented. Special enough for a gift, perfect for yourself.


 In stock January 2016, save those Christmas vouchers!





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